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Last month we had upgraded our Contact Center Express UCCX from version to version It was a minor upgrade. Here are the steps that were taken during the this upgrade. I have done the same thing in my lab for this post.

Before the upgrade please confirm the following steps if you have completed them first.

  • Take backup of the system.
  • Setup SFTP Server (I’m using freeFTPd for my lab)
  • Arrange ISO file of existing version UCCX
  • Arrange ISO file of new version UCCX
  • To access cli remotely, use putty.exe

First login into the UCCX and check the system status. Check the database services and resolve any issue if there are any.

  1. Login into UCCX Administration page.

2- Open your SFTP Server and setup the username password you want to use for the upload. Copy the new UCCX file into the server for the upload. Check all the services on the SFTP server if they are running. I’m using free version of freeFTPd server.

3- Open your UCCX Cisco Unified OS Administration page from the top right corner and click on software upgrade. Update the required information in the blank area to connect the SFTP software.

4- When it will be connected to the server, you will get the following page next on the software upgrade.

5- Now click Next on the page to start the uploading process of the iso. It will take some time to complete the procedure.

6- When upload will finish will check the checksum value.

Now again click next in the bottom of the window to start the installation process.

7- After sometime it will finish the installation.

8- Open the UCCX in CLI with putty.exe and check the active software version of UCCX with the following command.

Admin : show version active

Admin : show version inactive

9- If you open version settings, you will get both version, one will be active and the newly installation version will be inactive state. You will have option to switch the version either with CLI or from this page by clicking on switch version. This will take some time to complete the switching process.

Note : I will mention both ways to show you the switch version process in another post. 🙂

10- When you will click Switch Version, you will get the following message that you are about to switch the version of UCCX.

On next screen you will get this following message. Now you have to wait for some time to finish this process. You will get a message when upgrade will be finished.

11- When it finishes the upgrade process you will get the following message.

12- When you will login the page again you will see in the Version Settings that new version has been active and older version will be Inactive.

13- Now if you open the CLI you will see the new version of UCCX.

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  1. mothi a jeyaraj

    I have now and wanted to upgrade to So can I upgrade directly or I need to upgrade first to 10.6(1)SU3 then upgrade to

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