UCCX – Block / Forward any number

We can forward or block any specific Calling Number (ANI) in UCCX. For this you need to create few more variables and some switches in the script.

  1. Get Call Contact Info (switch)
  2. Set (switch)
  3. If (Switch)
  4. Call Redirect (Switch)
  5. sCLRID (string)
  6. sCallFwd (string)
  7. sNUMB (string)

NOTE 1 : You can change the name of variables as you like, as its only for the documentation.

NOTE 2 : You must need to know the calling number, that reaches into the system. Every company will have different call routing plan.

Here are the steps, how to call variables in to the Get Call Contact Info switch.

Now when calling number will hit the script, Get Call Contact Info script will collect the Calling Number and Called Number into the variables CLRID and NUMB. Then it will match the “if” switch that if the calling number is same as given in the CLRID switch, then condition will matched and will be true so, it will forward the destined number given in CallFwd variable.

In the same way you can block any calling number the in the script.

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