UCCX – How to block multiple DDIs (ANI) with XML list

Sometimes we need to configure script where we need to block certain numbers in the contact centre. We can block one or two numbers with the help of “Set” switch or with “if” switch like in my other post. But we do need to block list of numbers where we can simply add or remove any numbers in just one XML document file. Here is a small script which can be helpful for such kind of requirement.

  1. You need to know about the calling number, which you want to block
  2. Create an XML file and add requested calling numbers into the file in the same way given below.
  1. Upload this XML file in UCCX document folder.
  2. You need to create the following variables so that you can call them into the script.
  1. Open the script file in editor and add the following lines into your scrip. In the following line, you are first collecting the detail of calling number. Then in Create XML Document switch, in which you are calling your XML document.

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